Give new life
to images and videos

Simple React Lightbox adds lightbox functionality to your React website.
It's easy to integrate, and with a variety of options. It also supports Gatsby and Next.js.

Say goodbye to writing huge [arrays].

Simple React Lightbox uses its wrapper component to automatically find images and videos among the content you want to display in a lightbox.
It's packed with features, some of which include:

Images validation

Because the Simple React Lightbox component scans your images automatically, it can detect if a link to an image is broken and exclude it from the gallery.


Custom callbacks allow you to track the status of the lightbox and take action when the lightbox is opened/closed

Fully responsive

Simple React Lightbox is naturally responsive. It supports touch gestures and it includes well declared classes in case you want to customize it further.


Do you want to trigger the lightbox manually? No problem. With the two available hooks, the lightbox can be opened and closed from anywhere. You can also specify which image you want to open.


Exclude elements

Easily exclude any element you do not want to include in the lightbox by using a simple custom HTML attribute.


Overlay support

When you have an e-commerce website, it's often useful to have an overlay DIV with the product information when the mouse hover the image. The PRO version offer supports for this feature.


Video and audio support

Whether you have chosen YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Dailymotion, Facebook, SoundCloud or native web videos, Simple React Lightbox has it all covered. You can also combine images / videos / audios.



Each button can be translated via the 'translation' object in the settings. Because the object is pure JavaScript you could use i18n to support multiple languages.


Custom icons

Fully match the style of your website using your custom icons. Each icon in each lightbox button can be replaced with a custom image of your choice.


Custom caption

With the custom caption option, you can fully customize the captioning of your images and videos. Want to add a custom link or button? It's easy with React and JSX.